POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 24)

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Bitcoin is +0.5% to $44.4k, ETH is -1% to $3.1k. Movers are CELR +39%, RSR +16%, FET +15%, CRV +14%, AXS +11%, DIA +10%, EVX +9%, no standouts on the downside.

Dapper Labs raises $250M at a $7.6B valuation, led by Coatue and a16z, GV and Version One Ventures re-upping this round.

Twitter is rolling out Bitcoin tipping for iOS users through Lightening and is exploring NFTs for the future.

Bitcoin.org site appears to have been hacked, and is promoting Bitcoin giveaways on its behalf.

The Canadian securities regulators have released guidance on advertising and social media content for crypto exchanges.

Wormhole NFT Bridge is catching attention as it allows anyone to send NFTs across blockchains, namely Ethereum to Solana, and back.

Snoop Dogg is selling 1000 NFT passes for a private Ethereum metaverse party.

eToro is launching an ‘Investor Index’ of top DeFi tokens, making it easier for users to gain exposure in DeFi without the hassle of individually buying tokens.

An investment bank says Ethereum futures are more popular among major investors; time will tell with actual volumes on CME.

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