POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 20)

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Bitcoin is softer -2.3% to $47.2k, ETH is -3.2% to $3320. Movers are AUDIO +11%, CRV +9%, CELR -13%, SRM -11%, AST FET PNT -9%, and rest of the Pokket names follow lower.

A Bitcoin wallet which lay dormant for 9yrs has come alive today, moving 616 BTC, worth $30M, to a different wallet.

NFT project Emblem Vault, a tokenized multi-asset wallet, has exploded in volume over the last month and is the second largest NFT project with $5M in sales over the past-24hrs.

This is old news by now, but SushiSwap’s co-founder 0xMaki has stepped down from leading the exchange and will become advisor, citing he “put Sushi before my physical & mental health, my relationships, my family, and my friends.” He did not mention the $3M hack on MISO, which was eventually returned on the 17th.

As TradFi is digesting the drama unfolding with Evergrande, Tether has assured everyone it does not hold any Evergrande debt in its stash of commercial paper. Evergrande, which has total liabilities of more than $300 billion, is also in the spotlight as it scrambles to raise funds.

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