POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 16)

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Bitcoin is +1.5% to $48k, ETH is +5.3% to $3600. Movers are REN +30%, FTM +23%, SUSHI +15%, CHR +11%, SNX CRV +9%, CELR -10%.

The Solana team announced they have successfully completed a restart of Mainnet Beta after the 1.6.25 upgrade, although network delinquency is around 18%.

A failed attack on Ethereum occurred which managed to temporarily divert 0.8% of nodes to a non-canonical chain two days ago, with 550 blocks published with invalid PoW — all affected nodes have successfully merged back into the main chain.

ETF Series Solutions filed for a BTC futures ETF with Bitwise Index Services.

Canaan realised a record quarterly revenue of $167M for Q2, as the firm sold 5.9 TH/s of hashing power, or roughy 4% of Bitcoin network’s hashing power.

OpenSea has admitted to one of its employees buying front-page NFTs before listing onto the platform, effectively front-running hot NFT drops before the public had a chance to even look.

Amberdata announced it rasied $15M in series-A funding led by Citi as it expands research into DEXs, DeFi and money flow in stablecoins.

Abra rasied $55M in series-C funding to develop new offerings geared toward HNW and institutional clients.

Franklin Templeton files for a $20M blockchain venture fund.

Coinbase is taking its first steps towards trading crypto futures.

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