POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 13)

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Bitcoin price is volatile today, moving between $46.9k and $44k within an hour’s span, ETH is also trading between $3390 and $3150. Movers are CELR +40%, AST +35%, OCEAN +14%, LINA +12%, TRB +9%, FTM -9%.

Knock-offs in NFTs run rampant, and many are unhappy about the latest culprits, called Solanapes, a Solana-based NFT collection inspired by BAYC and SolPenguins, which look similar to Pudgy Penguins. PunksOnSolana also look like copies of CryptoPunks, which some are comparing to buying a ‘fake Chanel bag’ in Chinatown.

Cartoon Lobster NFT DAO is giving the $4M it raised to crypto lobbyists Coin Center, to aid in their towards lobbying on behalf of DeFi.

Cardano’s Alonzo mainnet launched yesterday, bringing smart contracts to the chain after 6 years and an $83B market cap, but no projects on launch for apes to play with.

Ark Investments is opening the door for its fund to invest in Canadian crypto ETFs, as the SEC has been dragging their feet on a ruling for a US crypto ETF and Cathy Wood perhaps looking to swap out GBTC for Bitcoin ETFs in Canada as they track better.

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