POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Sep 12)

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Bitcoin is flat at $45.3k, ETH is +2.0% at $3325. Movers are DIA +25%, FET +24%, CELR +18%, OMG +9%, POND NMR -12%.

Ethereum is getting less expensive to use as the NFT boom takes a slight breather — transaction fees have dropped to end of August levels of ~$12, compared to $59 just days ago. OpenSea’s NFT volumes are 50% lower after its monumental surge last month.

Technology from the British Post Office is being used to sell vouchers that can be redeemed on decentralised exchange Swarm Markets for Bitcoin, in a new attempt to allow citizens to purchase crypto through the Post Office’s app.

Pantera Capital’s latest crypto fund has raised $369M since July and filings show the firm had $4.7B AUM as of August.

Biden’s Treasury Department is opening another front in its effort to police crypto tax cheats, as the IRS makes new crypto broker guidance a ‘priority’ in 2021–22 plan.

Bloomberg reported two days ago that Nasdaq, Finnhub and Tiingo will be providing their price feeds to DefiChain, a DeFi platform built on the Bitcoin network.

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