POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Oct 8)

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Bitcoin is softer -3% to $53.8k, ETH is flat at $3600. Movers are FTM +26%, CHZ +19%, INJ +16%, MTH +13%, rest are quiet.

Bloomberg’s Businessweek released a hit piece on Tether, making the front cover very meme-esque – the reaction from the community is usually in support of bashing Tether’s lack of transparency, but this time around it leaned toward bashing Businessweek for rehashing many of the same points, and completely ignoring the fact those same points could be made for the magical $1T platinum Fedcoin.

Speaking of the Fed, they released a research paper called “The International Role of the US Dollar”, and noting three threats: 1) The EU, 2) China, and 3) Digital currency.

Riot Blockchain revealed its mined almost triple the amount of BTC YoY, and is hoarding about $190M worth, following the trend of miners hodling.

Cool Cats and CrypToadz hit the milestone of $1M sales (meaning an item sold for $1M) this week on OpenSea, joining the ranks of CryptoPunks, and BAYC/MAYC.

NFTs are launching on Bitcoin via Stacks, and are starting to gain some traction after being around for 2wks, most notably StacksPunks (CryptoPunk copies are the ‘hello world’ of NFTs on new blockchains).

Visionrare is a newly launched NFT marketplace where users can buy fake shares in startups, betting on their rise and falls, called ‘fantasy equity’.

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