POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 4)

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Bitcoin price is softer -4% to $55300 while ETH is building momentum +10% to $3290. Movers are OMG +16%, WABI +15%, BAL TRU +14%, MKR +12%, YFI +9%, SNM -10% in Pokket listed tokens.

CryptoPunks creators ride on their success and launch Meebits NFTs which already top $3M. Dapper Labs making similar moves investing into, ‘Genies’, an NFT marketplace with partnerships already lined up with Gucci, Warner Music and others to create avatars with exchangeable apparel; they’ve announced it has raised $65M in series-B funding. Lastly EBay is the last the hop on the train as it announced it is exploring ways to enter the NFT market through payments and marketplaces.

S&P has added Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto indices which go live today. CME group has launched micro Bitcoin futures which also went live today.

eToro has added Dogecoin for trading after much client demand. Such supply. Wow.

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