POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 31)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is back above $35k, +2.5% while ETH is just shy of $2400 +4%. Movers are POND +26%, OGN +24%, DODO GRT ALICE +17%, TRU TRB ENJ +14%, COMP AKRO +13%, OAX -21%.

Bitcoin mining gets 16% easier as Chinese miners anticipate a crackdown and start pulling the plug.

Ripple managed to stop the SEC from accessing its legal advice it sought or received about XRP’s status.

UK bank Starling bans crypto exchange deposits due to ‘suspected financial crime’.

Another day, another exploit in BSC as the latest victim is Belt Finance, a platform which provides AMM for DeFi, as it lost $50M in a flash loan attack that resulted in $6M in profit for the coder.

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