POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 24)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is softer -7% to $35k while ETH is -8.2% to just hold the $2k line at $2100. All tokens in the Pokket universe are down, with movers being SAND -34%, FIS -30%, LINA -27%, ALPHA -26%, CELR POND -23%, DEGO DODO SNX -21%, and rest follow.

Huobi and OKEx limit services for Chinese customers ahead of the government crackdown.

Crypto protocol DeFi100 rug pull has everyone on jitters as it scammed investors for $32M and left a note on the site “We scammed you guys and you can’t do shit about it”, which is likely to cause the alphabet soups of US agencies to move.

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