POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 23)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is flat trading $38k while ETH is -4% to trade $2350. Movers are TRU +40%, SAND +31%, LINA +30%, STORJ +15%, YFII +14%, OXT +13%, FIS -18%, MATIC -17%, FTM -15%, ALPHA COMP -12%.

The world’s top chess players will compete for $100k in BTC and a cash prize of $220k in the FTX Crypto Cup; Chess.com announced Coinbase had sponsored its own chess tournament.

Goldman Sachs is acting like a FinToker as it now questions Bitcoin’s legitimacy as an asset, after declaring it as an asset just last year – the full report will be made available on its website next week.

The Grayscale discount narrows to 10% from 20% a week ago as investor lockup periods expire (6mths from date of purchase).

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