POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 2)

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Bitcoin price today is a touch softer -0.9% to $57700 while ETH is making its way towards $3k, up +6% to trade $2940. Movers are AAVE MKR +13%, APPC COMP +11%, OAX SRM BQX +10%, SNM -19%, DLT -12%, SXP -10% in Pokket listed tokens.

Bill Maher trashed crypto as a ‘ponzi’ in a 10min rant on HBO’s Real Time; he raises the hypocrisy of TSLA fighting to cut the world’s CO2 output while at the same time investing into the energy-intensive Bitcoin. For a good laugh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaJpYjO136o.

BNB has set a new ATH of $637 after Binance announced they will get into the NFT marketplace game. XRP dropped -4% as Ripple dumps $1.6B from its escrow account.

Bitcoin’s Taproot upgrade kick-started, which is a soft fork improving scripts to increase privacy and improve factors related to complex transactions, meaning reduced times and fees for everyone; Bitcoin miners have 3 months to jump aboard.

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