POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 17)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is softer yet again, -2.5% to $45k while Ethereum is -3.5% to trade $3500. Movers are NMR +41%, SRM +23%, DENT +14%, GTO +12%, and rest are mixed in Pokket listed tokens.

Elon Musk is quickly losing fans within the crypto space, or at least ‘Bitcoin maximalists’, as he slowly goes through the educational process of learning about block sizes, tx fees and mining hash power. Elon is suggesting Tesla dumped the remaining BTC, and that he is going all-in on DOGE and may increase block sizes 10x and reduce fees by 100x; blockchain experts suggest this will only attract network attacks.

ADA is +5% again touching new ATH as the founder tries to court Mark Cuban into the community. bEarn Fi is the latest victim of BSC exploit as $11M was syphoned from the protocol.

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