POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 16)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is struggling to keep $50k as it slips another -2.5% to $48k, while ETH is weaker -5.5% to $3800. Movers are SNM +12%, CRV SNX -11%, PNT -10%, AAVE UMA -9%, and rest follow lower in Pokket listed tokens.

POS coins Cardano and Polygon hit ATH after the chaos Elon Musk left with environmental impact concerns from Bitcoin. Though he continues to pump his DOGE bags with more tweets, DOGE +3.8% to 52 pennies.

Brian Armstrong of Coinbase heads back to Washington to ask for regulatory clarity, but response thus far has been mixed; politicians don’t want to relinquish the optionality of backward-looking punishment.

Tor sells NFT of the first .onion URL for $2M in ETH to PleasrDAO.

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