POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 15)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are both steady, trading $50k and $4k respectively. Movers are MATIC +58%, SUSHI +23%, RLC +21%, SNX +16%, YFI +15%, DOCK +13%, RSR AAVE +12%, CRV +11%, UNI UMA +10% and rest are up in Pokket listed tokens.

Argentina orders crypto exchanges to give monthly reports on users, as it updates its regulatory framework.

An NBA Top Shot user sues Dapper Labs, claiming NFT ‘Moments’ are securities and harmed the community by failing to register with the SEC.

A Telegram group called ‘War on Rugs’ has emerged after getting rugged by Vitalik on SHIB, with the goal of dumping ETH in favor of BNB; RETH (Rug ETH) is a token on BSC which automatically converts ETH to BNB.

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