POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 14)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price took a hit yesterday and stayed around $50k, looking unchanged over 24hr period. ETH is softer -2.5% to $3775, losing a bit of steam. Mover is DIA +15%, rest of the names are within +/-7%.

Elon Musk vs. Twitter in full swing, as the obvious argument of electric car battery rare-earth mining vs. Bitcoin mining debate unfolds. Elon sends a few tweets on DOGE, saying the team is working with devs to scale the coin, but people were quick to point out he doesn’t have any job postings for such a position, and has made false promises in the past of helping (Flint water, Thailand kids rescue, COVID respirators, etc).

Coinbase has announced it will list DOGE in 6-8wks, showing it can move at blazing speed to keep up with the crypto space.

Lastly, there is FUD spreading of Binance to be investigated by the Justice Dept. and the IRS, but details in the article say the two were just working with Binance to suss out bad actors on the platform.

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