POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 12)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is +2.5% to trade $57k while ETH is making a run up to trade $4175 +6.6%. Movers are YFI +43%, LRC +34%, MATIC +25%, SUSHI +24%, OMG +18%, YFII +16%, SNX +15% and only one down bigly is RLC -17%, rest are up in Pokket listed tokens.

Stanley Druckenmiller said 5yrs ago crypto was a solution to an unknown problem, but clarified today the problem has been identified as Jerome Powell’s printing machine.

CryptoPunks NFT sells for $17M at Christie’s Auction. Merriam-Webster is auctioning a NFT of ‘NFT’ dictionary definition.

SHIB continues to spread throughout cryptwit, with stories of Uber drivers investing $600 weeks ago now retiring with $1.7M; CZ says he doesn’t endorse it and is a ‘super high risk’ token, wink-wink*.

Finally, SEC staff calls Bitcoin ‘highly speculative’ and hints at ETF skepticism, with intentions to determine whether the ‘Bitcoin futures market could accommodate ETFs’.

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