POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 11)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price corrected in the past 4hrs, down -4.0% to $56100, trading as low as ~$53400. ETH is +1.2% to trade just a touch under $4k. Movers are UMA +14%, YFI +13%, DENT DOCK -15%, OMG OGN STORJ -14%, RSR SXP GTO -13%, 1INCH MTH PNT POWR MANA AKRO-12%, and rest are mostly correcting as well in Pokket listed tokens.

Edward Snowden has taken shots at Bitcoin, saying the Taproot upgrade is a step away from privacy and the core devs aren’t prioritizing privacy enough.

Ubisoft has added five new crypto startups to its accelerator program, two of which are blockchain games and one NFT and two platform/file storage services; Ubisoft is the only major gaming company to make aggressive moves into crypto.

Coinbase is boosting compensation packages and will no longer negotiate during hiring, and is shutting down its San Fran office as it continues to move remote.

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