POKKET: Crypto Market Update (May 10)

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Bitcoin & ETH are both flat at $58k and $3900 respectively. Movers are RLC +114%, MATIC +15%, RSR +13%, CND +11% in Pokket listed tokens.

After a cringy SNL performance all around, Elon’s beloved DOGE dropped to 43 pennies causing another outage at everyone’s favorite trading app – Robinhood. Elon is tweeting to save the price, saying the next SpaceX launching satellite to the moon will be called ‘Doge-1’.

The knock-off of DOGE (which is knock-off of BTC), SHIB, or Shiba Inu, is up 740% over the past week and shared $8B of its appreciation to Vitalik. SHIB is the 12th largest crypto by market cap of $16B, with 50% of the supply locked to an unwitting Vitalik. Winklevoss twins, never to let any opportunity go, launches a Dogecoin savings program on Gemini.

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