POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 5)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is recovering +2.6% to $37700 from a 10% drop after another space Karen tweet yesterday. ETH is +4.5% to $2790 although alts are softer. Movers are CRV UMA +11%, DODO -13%, GRT -12%, ALICE AKRO -11%, POND LINA -10%.

FTX is getting into the Esports arena with a $210M sponsor Team SoloMid (TSM) which plays LoL and VALORANT.

Floyd Mayweather, who is sponsored by EthereumMax, was booed at the Bitcoin Conference after saying “I believe there’s gonna be another cryptocurrency just as large as Bitcoin some day”.

Jack Dorsey is all-in on Bitcoin, while saying ETH, DOGE and other coins ‘don’t factor in at all’, and is considering building a Bitcoin hardware wallet from Square.

After frustration with space Karen’s (Elon Musk fyi) tweets, Brian Armstrong is going to make a media company within Coinbase to fact-check FUD and other random tweets from ‘influencers’.

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