POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 4)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is +1% to $37700, flirting for a while to touch $40k but not quite there yet, while ETH is +1.7% to $2730, eyeing $3k handle in US time but Asia said no. Movers are GRT +23%, FET +19%, DODO +14%, OCEAN +13%, ALPHA SAND AKRO SAND +11%, and rest are mostly up.

Blockchain.com felt the heat and is moving its headquarters to Miami away from NYC.

The IOC (Olympic Committee) is going to launch official NFT pins for the upcoming Tokyo summer games.

Japan’s Bitflyer, highest volume by far in the country, is giving US clients access to Bitcoin and JPY pair trading for the first time.

Novogratz backed Cryptology commits $100M of its $550M in assets to invest globally into crypto related VC funds.

Impossible Finance, a new incubator raised over $7M to try to become the Y Combinator of DeFi.

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