POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 28)

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Bitcoin is ripping up +9% to $34.5k, ETH is +9% to $1950. Movers are LRC +35%, CTSI +23%, REEF +17%, NKN +15%, ADX -14%.

Ricardo Salinas is making the rounds on Crypto Twitter, as the third richest man in Mexico who has embraced Bitcoin and is working to make his bank, Banco Azteca, the first in the country to start accepting BTC.

Binance cannot do business in the UK no longer, and is pulling out of Ontario from the province’s overreaching securities laws; it appears to be a globally coordinated effort as just last Friday the FSA sent a similar note.

Average transaction fees on Ethereum are the lowest in 6 months, now at $2.15.

A Bitcoin-whale has sadly passed away, a hodler of 1M BTC; Crypto Twitter is speculating whether the 41-yr old had a will, or setup a way to transition the BTC to family.

SHIB is +17% after space Karen Elon Musk tweeted he picked up a new shiba inu and called it Floki.

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