POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 26)

crypto news, bitcoin price

As $4B worth of options expired yesterday, BTC crashed -9% to now trade $31.8k, while ETH is -8.3% to $1825. Movers are POLY +13%, ALICE BZRX TRU -13%, rest are surprisingly tame.

Japan’s finance regulator, FSA, has sent another warning letter to Binance saying they are operating without registering with them; as Binance doesn’t have an HQ, this notice will most likely be ignored again.

The CIO of Guggenheim has said on CNBC that Bitcoin could dip to $10-15k this cycle and trade sideways for a couple of years until the next bull run; this is after having declared their fundamental analysis shows BTC is worth $600k.

Marvel announces its finally releasing its own first NFT collectibles. Jay-Z is going to sell ‘Reasonable Doubt’ NFT after a lawsuit stopped his partner from doing the same.

Jack Dorsey has convinced Elon Musk to have a conversation about Bitcoin at the ‘B word’ conference – whether he goes through with it, is a different story.

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