POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 24)

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Bitcoin look healthy as it trades $33.5k +3% overnight, and ETH is just shy of $2k +4%. Movers are ANKR +40%, ALICE +21%, GRT +19%, YFII +18%, OST CELR +14%, and rest follow with no standouts on the downside.

Lots of WTF headlines this morning, to start – Biden says US citizens have no chance to rebel against the government as he has nukes and F-15s so having the right to hold guns is not meaningful.

John McAfee was found dead in his Spanish prison cell after Spain’s courts approved his extradition to the US where he would have faced tax evasion charges. Last year, he tweeted “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine” (cue Twighlight Zone music).

SKorea is starting to seize crypto assets from wealthy tax dodgers, reports FT.

CBDCs get full backing from the BIS, favoring the centralisation over token based approaches.

FTX & MLB announced new long-term global partnership, labeling FTX the official ‘Cryptocurrency Exchange brand of MLB’.

Lastly, banks and credit unions can facilitate buying, selling and hodling of BTC within their digital banking platforms according to Fiserv and NYDIG.

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