POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 21)

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Bitcoin is slightly lower -1% to $35.5k while ETH is up +1.8% to $2200. Movers are WABI -16%, rest are within a tighter range as prices slowly grind lower. We can almost hear Will Smith’s hit ‘Summer Time’ as vols compress.

Bitcoin ETFs are holding the lowest amount of BTC since Feb25, falling to 782k BTC, a 15k BTC decline over the past three days after the ‘hawkish’ stance from the Fed last week.

The ECB’s Fabio Panetta took a neko-punch at Facebook’s Diem (formerly Libra) calling it an ‘unstable coin’ and saying the ECB’s version a-la CBDC would preserve people’s privacy – mixed feelings as both entities are generally disliked on crypto Twitter.

The SEC may extend the fight with XRP to 2022 as discovery is taking more time than anticipated – the coin was down -10% to $0.70 overnight but is back up to $0.77 now.

DOGE’s return to Nascar didn’t go well as the #99 Camero spunout and hit the wall, similar to the meme coin which is at 28 pennies, a far cry from the 74 back in early May.

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