POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 18)

Bitcoin is softer -1% to $38k, ETH is flat at $2350. Movers are FTM +14%, BZRX +11%, rest are within small range with lowest at -5%.

Space Karen got triggered by Bitcoin Magazines interview with Kraken CEO, where he says Elon needs to do more research on the amount of green energy Bitcoin mining uses – CT sent along plenty of data, charts, tables and numbers to try and convince the DOGE king.

Speaking of DOGE, SHIB lost -12% as Coinbase delays the listing of the knock-off of the knock-off of Bitcoin.

Mark Cuban got burned on stablecoin TITAN, estimates of $15-18M, as it went straight to zero after what seems to be a rug pull – he is now calling for regulation in the DeFi space.

Last bit of boomer news this morning is on Goldman Sachs, which is now saying Bitcoin can’t have any value and comparing it to digital gold means nothing, as gold itself is not a reliable store of value.

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