POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 16)

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Bitcoin is flat right on $40k and ETH is down -3% to $2500. Movers are OST +15%, CHZ DOCK +12%, OGN +11%, GTO -12% and rest are in between showing less volatility.

The boomer Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey says Bitcoin is ‘not money’ and is keeping an eye on stablecoins as such technologies could become ‘systemic’ in the financial system.

Boomer and crypto critic rep. Maxine Waters made an announcement during a hearing that she has formed a working group with Democrats focused on cryptocurrencies, with the intention to bring forth regulation.

dYdx has raised $65M in a Series C round from a16z, Paradigm and others in an effort to bring decentralised perp swaps and other markets to DeFi; all this while blocking US-based traders.

SHIB and CHZ are being added to Coinbase Pro. Recent data shows 1% of Bitcoin are now in wBTC as the hunt for yield continues.

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