POKKET: Crypto Market Update (June 12)

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Bitcoin price is -4.5% to trade $35k, ETH is lower -7.5% to $2290. Movers are DEGO +11%, GTO -26%, DOCK -22%, ADX -18%, MITH STMX -17%, PUNDIX -16%, and rest mostly follow lower.

Jack Dorsey has gotten vocal yesterday and sent a kind tweet to senator Warren asking her to reconsider her position, emphasizing her opinion of the mining mechanism in Bitcoin is deeply flawed.

DOGE is down -20% since Coinbase listed the meme coin, now at 31 pennies.

Block.one, entity behind EOS, has settled a class-action lawsuit related to the company’s $4B token sale in 2018, agreeing to pay $27.5M as penalty.

GIC invests $70M in OSL (Octagon Strategy in HK) parent company, BC Group in an effort to beef up OTC trading and prime brokerage.

Copper, a UK based crypto custody and trading tech company, raises $25M in a round led by Alan Howard.

Implied vols have come off rapidly this week on BTC & ETH, dropping almost 30v in ATM for nearer term tenors, as both look to trade within a range and summer fast approaching.

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