POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 9)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is softer -0.4% to $33100 while ETH is hit harder -4% to $2150. Movers are OXT +16%, ALPHA -22%, RLC -18%, AXS -16%, MANA PUNDIX -15%.

Senator Warren has sent a letter to SEC chair Gary Gensler, asking what the agency is doing to regulate crypto, asking some fair questions despite her lack of understanding of the space.

China’s central bank is calling the pot black, claiming stablecoins pose systemic ‘risks’ to the global financial system.

The EU is looking to propose new AML body to crack down on crypto, specifically asking for exchanges to collect and make accessible the data of those making transactions.

Bank Santander is the latest bank to prevent users from making fiat transactions to Binance; CZ called for regulators to make things clearer on twitter and called all the news ‘FUD’.

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