POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 7)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is flat to trade $34k, ETH is +3% to $2300. Movers are AXS +38%, ALPHA +30%, DODO +29%, LINA +20%, ALICE SAND +18%, nothing stands out on the downside.

FinCEN has appointed its first Chief Advisor for crypto, Michele Korver, who previously worked for the DoJ.

Total NFT sales volumes for the first half of 2021 has hit $2.5B.

China’s central bank forced a shutdown of a software-maker over alleged crypto trading, stating the company “was suspected of providing software services for virtual currency transactions.”

The $55B UK hedge fund Marshall Wace is planning to move into crypto according to the FT.

Lastly, Ethereum’s London hardfork is expected to launch on August 4th, which will implement a new fee structure to make ETH less inflationary, and delays ETH’s difficulty bomb to December 1st.

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