POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 6)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is -4.3% at $33800, while ETH is -5.2% at $2200. Movers are SNX +25%, ALPHA +15%, AAVE +10%, AXS -10%, and rest are in between for Pokket listed tokens.

Bitcoin.org has been hit with a DDoS attack, with the attackers demanding a ransom of (pinky in mouth) ‘0.5 BTC’.

The REvil syndicate hit again last Friday, with ransomeware across US companies demanding for $70M worth of BTC – the penetration started at Kaseya, an IT firm, then moved on to its clients, attacking hundreds of firms and infecting over a million systems.

Barclays bank is stopping customers in the UK from sending money to Binance, with the message to “keep your money safe”. Otherwise, a slow newsday.

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