POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 5)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is flat, trading at $34.5k after almost reaching $36k overnight. ETH leads the way +2.5% to $2260, after almost touching $2400. Movers are COMP LINA +23%, ALICE +21%, AXS +20%, SNX +18%, ALPHA +17%, BAL DOCK +15%, with no standouts on the downside.

Ernst & Young released a set of tools called Nightfall 3 last week in an attempt to reduce fees on Ethereum, without giving up the current level of privacy.

A pleasant surprise for those using Coinbase (do you exist?!), as the company went on a hiring blitz and added an army of support staff to keep up with customer complaints.

The RSA Conference is taking a beating on twitter as their blog promoted a post suggesting the beloved internet protocol TCP/IP be replaced with blockchain; security experts were especially triggered.

According to Coindesk and glassnode, Bitcoin supply held by whales (entities with 1k ~ 10k BTC) are at two-month highs, suggesting more are hodling and pulling supply off exchanges.

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