POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 28)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is +4.4% to trade just shy of $39k, ETH is +2.5% to just shy of $2300. Movers are ALICE +44%, DEGO +24%, ANT +17%, AXS +14%, no standouts on the downside.

Senator Warren is at it again, this time saying at a hearing of the Senate Banking Committee that crypto puts the financial system in the hands of ‘shadowy super-coders‘.

Binance is making it harder to trade Bitcoin anonymously as regulatory pressure mounts on the exchange – CZ announced they will commence processes for licenses and approvals in jurisdictions with existing legal frameworks, and adjusting withdrawal limits to just 0.06 BTC, roughly $2k USD equivalent for those with basic KYC done. Also, CZ is looking to replace himself, saying “we are looking for someone with a strong regulatory background to step in and be CEO”.

Robinhood is working on a crypto trading platform which will have ‘price volatility protection’, which is their words for preventing users from buying or selling at certain periods – have they learned nothing from the Gamestop debacle?

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