POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 25)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is +1.9% to $34k, ETH is +2.9% to $2175. Movers are ALICE +33%, ADX +23%, AKRO +14%, IOST +13%.

A Gallup poll showed 6% of American investors own Bitcoin, compared to 2% back in 2018.

Vermont has now joined the list of states probing into BlockFi, over the legality of its interest account product – this is the fourth state, including Alabama, Texas and New Jersey.

A New York town wants to ban ugly Bitcoin miners, literally because they are an eyesore and local residents are complaining it is ruining the landscape.

The $10B AUM Stone Ridge Asset Management, the parent company of NYDIG, revealed a new Bitcoin-focused strategy as an open-ended mutual fund.

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