POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 24)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is +3% to $33.3k, ETH is +4.2% to $2100. Movers are AXS +74%, SAND +33%, ALICE +31%, LIT +27%, CHR +22%, DEGO +17%.

Amazon says it is exploring cryptocurrency payments, as it lists a job posting for a ‘Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead’ to create a vision and roadmap for new payment products.

Binance’s CZ said Binance US aims to copy Coinbase’s playbook and go public, in an online conference yesterday.

Uniswap is blocking multiple tokens on their front end in an attempt to appease the SEC – although the tokens aren’t removed on the protocol level (i.e. backend blockchain), many are criticising the move as it was made without input from UNI holders which technically are governance tokens.

The New Jersey Pension fund invested $7M worth in Bitcoin mining stocks last quarter, a drop in the bucket for the fund but at least positive steps toward investing in the space.

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