POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 23)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is flat at $32.1k, ETH is +1% to $2k. Movers are OXT +20%, DLT ADX +18%, AXS +15%, nothing stands out on downside.

Its a busy week for securities laws in the US – the SEC has said stock tokens on both CeFi and DeFi platforms are securities and have suggested stablecoins backed by securities are indeed securities.

Also, Texas, along with a few other states, say BlockFi’s interest account violates security laws – the Alabama Securities Commission issued BlockFi with a show-cause notice, demanding the crypto company explain why its Bitcoin savings accounts are not unregistered securities. Coindesk reports BlockFi is pursuing plans to go public even as regulators close in, and is days away from closing a $500M Series-E round.

Switching gears, the rapper Busta Rhymes is now a believer in Bitcoin, crediting the switch to yesterday’s “The B Word” conference.

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