POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 22)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin rebounds to $32k +8.3%, ETH is +12.7% to just shy of $2k. Movers are AXS +43%, MATIC +31%, SAND +20%, ZRX ALICE +17%, BZRX LINA AAVE +15%, nothing stands out on the downside.

The entire crypto market rebounds after a two day slump being interrupted by “The B Word” conference hosted by @jack. Elon went on the live conference to discuss his stance on Bitcoin, along with sharing Space X is a hodler and he personally owns ETH. Whether this rebound is sustainable remains to be seen, but the efforts from Jack Dorsey to push forward Bitcoin is impressive.

More Tether news as executives spoke to the media about the long-awaited audits, which should come within ‘months‘.

The EU is not banning anonymous crypto wallets after all after some internally ‘misunderstood‘ their own words; perhaps someone higher up realised it would affect their own personal finances and killed it.

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