POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 20)

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Bitcoin grinds lower to $30.7k, down -3.5% while ETH goes down -5.2% to $1800. Movers are AUDIO -17%, CELR ALICE -15%, FIS -14%, no standouts on the upside.

Crypto seems to have moved lower along with broader markets, as the S&P traded -1.4% on the day, a -3.7% move from 14 July; a rare dip in the perpetual up-only machine. US Treasuries have dipped below 1.2%, with many asking who besides the Fed is buying?

Elon Musk is finally going to talk to Jack at the ‘The B Word’ conference, where many hope the Twitter founder can convince the space Karen that digital shiny rocks are even more valuable than he thinks.

According to a Glassnode report, most Bitcoin being sold now are done so at a loss, an obvious bearish sign, although 75% of circulating supply is held by hodlers, an obvious bullish sign.

Ripple lawyers submitted a supplemental letter to support their request for dismissal of the ongoing SEC case against them, using the SEC’s own words against them in an unrelated case against crypto.

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