POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 19)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is down -1% at $31.6k, ETH is lower -4% to below $1900. Movers are CHR +28%, AUDIO +17%, OAX CELR +11%, PUNDIX -10%, rest are in between.

Aave is looking to release an Ethereum-based Twitter alternative this year, set to run on DeFi.

DOGE is up +10% since the Elon Musk updated his twitter profile pic with Doge in his sunglasses.

According to John McAfee’s biographer, the tech entrepreneur was broke when he passed away due to the amount of money blown on properties around the world (doesn’t sound like broke to me?).

Bitcoin mining got 5% easier in the latest difficulty drop, in comparison to last January.

Lastly, Janet Yellen and the crew will meet tomorrow to discuss stablecoin matters.

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