POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 15)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin price is handing in there at $33k +2%, with ETH just at $2k, +7%. Movers are SAND +34%, CHR +29%, LIT +24%, DEGO +22%, OGN +15%, POWR -8% and rest in between.

JPow said stablecoins should be more strictly regulated before the House of Representatives, and be treated like bank deposits or money market funds.

ShapeShift is looking to become a decentralised exchange and airdrops FOX tokens to 1M+ users.

The creator of DOGE Jackson Palmer says crypto preys on the ‘financially desperate and naive’ on twitter, leaving many scratching their heads as to how he thinks of Elon’s pamping of the very coin Jackson birthed.

The SEC settles with a crypto ICO ratings site over undiscolsed payments, years after the boom has happened – remember kids, it pays to deceive and take what’s yours first and pay small fines later, rather than to try and do things legit; just ask Elon, Robinhood, JPMorgan, etc.

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