POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 12)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin is slightly up +2.2% to $34.5k, ETH is right behind +1.9% to $2150. Movers are AUDIO +29%, MITH +15%, ALICE +14%, no standouts on the downside.

The Alameda-backed ChainSwap, which bridges ETH to BSC, fell victim to another attack overnight in a vulnerability which cost $4.4M.

Crypto-twitter is abuzz with Tether FUD, this time trying to highlight the 40 consecutive days of no minting while USDC mints away and eats at market share – ex-RealVision partner Grant Williams put out a podcast detailing the financial and data-backed criticisms of the stablecoin.

Users of Binance US are complaining they can’t access their funds and are having issues withdrawing fiat; it is unclear if it is the exchange side or banks which are causing the headaches.

Italy defeated England in the UEFA EURO – your twitter feed will be littered with this today just FYI.

Otherwise, another slow day.

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