POKKET: Crypto Market Update (July 1)

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Bitcoin is -3% to $35k, while ETH is up +4% to $2250, comfortably above $2k. Movers are NMR AXS +20%, POWR +18%, TRU +15%, and the rest follow mostly higher, no big standouts on the down side.

Binance reinstates faster payments withdrawals for UK customers, amidst the drama surrounding regulators around the globe trying to attack the HQ-less company.

Twitter dropped a collection of NFTs ran on Ethereum, although Jack Dorsey made it clear on the platform he will not invest in ETH, staying loyal to Bitcoin.

The ‘www’ inventor Tim Berners-Lee turned the source code for the web into an NFT through a series of artwork, and auctioned off $5.3M worth at a Sotheby’s auction.

Robinhood will pay a $70M penalty over “widespread and significant harm suffered by customers” for purposeful blackouts back in March 2020, preventing users accessing accounts and trading through volatility.

BlockFi will lower rates yet AGAIN starting today, with BTC yields now at 0.25% for deposits north of 20 BTC; Pokket still pays at least 5.25% for even chad-sizes 😎

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