POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 9)

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Bitcoin is -1.4% at $43.6k, ETH is softer -4.5% to $2,950. Movers are DENT +13%, MITH FIS -10%.

The US Infrastructure Bill vote was delayed to today as the Senate considers two rival amendments that determine which crypto entities must provide customer information to help pay for the $1B cost of the Bill. The Senate votes at noon EDT, or 16:00 UTC.

NFT hype continues, as Axie Infinity becomes Ethereum’s first NFT based game to hit $1B in sales according to data from CryptoSlam!; in comparison, NBA Top Shots has managed to hit $675M in sales. The Pokemon-inspired NFT game has 2.4M transactions, almost 1M owners and more than 1M DAU. AXS is earning 100.7% APY right now on POKKET.

Method Man, who once rapped a promo video for Cream Finance (this reads like a fiction novel…) is launching a new comic anthology series as NFTs called ‘Tical World’.

Lastly, someone has auctioned a $0.99 package of hot-doges which come with 20k DOGE coins, on eBay for $15k.

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