POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 31)

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Bitcoin is lower -3.0% to $47.1k, while ETH is holding up +0.7% to $3230. Movers are FTM +43%, OGN +21%, YFII +20%, INJ EVX +9%, DEGO -13%, TRU AUDIO -10%, FIS -9%.

CREAM Ethereum AMP V1 has been exploited resulting in a loss of roughly $25M between AMP and ETH, by way of reentrancy on the AMP token contract.

Binance NFT Marketplace announced a partnership with the State Hermitage Museum to auction off Da Vinci and Van Gogh NFTs.

Three Arrows Capital is making a hard move into NFTs, creating a ‘Starry Night’ fund which will purchase pieces from the most popular collections and be advised by @Vincent_Van_Dough — the hedge fund has already plunked $5.7M on an Art Block NFT last Friday.

Opyn, the DeFi options protocol, is now 94% of total DeFi option volume this month after having been at 24% back in January thanks to its V2 upgrade earlier this year.

Robinhood’s main source of revenue is at jeopardy as the SEC is floating the idea of banning ‘payment-for-order flow’, a practice where high frequency trading shops will pay for flow from brokers to arbitrage and pickoff traders under the guise of commission-free trades.

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