POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 27)

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Bitcoin is softer -3.8% to $47.1k, ETH is following -3.2% to $3120. Movers are DENT KNC -12%, AUDIO PNT FTM LINA -11%, INJ CTSI BZRX TRU NKN LIT OCEAN -10%, rest are basically grinding lower with no standouts on the upside.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty went through a +13.2% adjustment overnight.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a new domain service allowing one to use a .com domain to send and receive ETH.

The Fidenza line, a collection on Art Blocks with a limited run of 999, now has a reported floor price of $550k.

As NFTs become more mainstream and more normies participate, VC and investors alike are pouring more money into the space — Royal is a new NFT platform focused on music started by 3LAU, is raising $16M in a round led by Paradigm and Founders Fund.

DeFi lending company Euler.xyz has raised $8M led by Paradigm and is set to go live by end of the year.

Liquity is a new borrowing protocol on Ethereum, with 0% loans and minimum collateralization ratio at 110%, all thanks to DeFi automation and new algos around their ‘Stability Pool’.

Chainlink’s price oracles went live today on the Solana blockchain.

According to local media in Turkey, a scammer has managed to rip off $119M from investors in a Dogecoin mining scheme.

Coinbase has named former Facebook exec Kate Rouch as new CMO, who has more than a decade of experience at Zuck’s kingdom.

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