POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 25)

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Bitcoin is softer -2.6% to $48k, ETH is lower -3.6% to $3200. Movers are SNM +19%, RSR +11%, FTM BZRX YFII DODO -10%, FIS ENJ AUDIO CHR -9%.

Blockstream has raised $210M in a $3.2B Series-B round led by Baillie Gifford and iFinex (parent co of Bitfinex + Tether) to expand into manufacturing mining chips.

Amid the stablecoin wars, Paxos rebrands to ‘Pax Dollar’ and the ticker will change to ‘USDP’ for easier recognition, the company blogged.

Sperax is a new stablecoin which natively pays yields, meaning hodlers of ‘USDs’ will automatically get airdropped interest revenues directly to their wallets.

Software developer Aletha AI secured $16M in a private token sale with investors including Mark Cuban and Dapper Labs, to create an ‘intelligent NFT’ metaverse populated by its own bots.

Kraken is in talks with several European jurisdictions to obtain a license to enter the European market by end of 2021, with focus now on Malta, Luxembourg and Ireland.

Years after the CME listed Bitcoin futures, Citigroup is finally gearing up to allow clients to trade the instrument, along with possibilities of BTC ETNs in the near future.

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