POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 20)

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Bitcoin is +5% to $47150, ETH is also +6.5% to $3230. Movers are LINA +25%, DOCK +24%, OMG +18%, PNT +17%, FTM +16%, DENT +15%, SXP INJ +11%, GRT +10%, no standouts on the downside.

Andreessen Horowitz is now investing into crypto gaming, injecting money into startup Yield Guild Games — business model is similar to Axie Infinity, with a play-to-earn economy built in.

It is slowly coming to light why Brian Brooks left Binance-US as CEO, as according to the NYTimes, CZ pushed out Brian amid a conflict over how to navigate regulatory controversies and the American subsidiary’s ties to the parent company.

A $25M Uniswap proposal is drawing criticisms on cryptwit, as analytics provider Flipside Crypto wants another bounty program similar to one they are already running, which on the surface looks like Uniswap playing favoritism.

New York based crypto custodian Fireblocks is adding former SEC Chairman and crypto advocate Jay Clayton to its advisory board.

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