POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 2)

crypto news, bitcoin price

Bitcoin corrected -6% to $39,700, ETH is doing better -2.5% to $2550. Movers are ANKR +16%, ALICE -12%, AXS -11%, rest in between.

Cryptwit abuzz with more NFT hype as volumes and revenues thus far in 2021 put the space as a contender in the ecommerce space – estimated revenues YTD are some $1.5B, if including CryptoPunks.

Speaking of which, the founder of an NFT videogame lost 16 CryptoPunks and a bunch of ETH after falling prey to a scammer. CryptoPunks as a whole have seen prices rise 53% over the past week as whales go on a ‘feeding frenzy’, with the average price of one Punk going go 52 ETH, or about $135k.

The Fed’s Brainard says the US can’t sit back and not have a CBDC in a world in which others have them (*cough* China *cough*).

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