POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 17)

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Bitcoin is softer -4.9% to $45.8k, ETH is lower -5.6% to $3130. Movers are AUDIO +54%, DODO +19%, FTM +17%, SRM +14%, DENT -11%.

PolyNetwork is launching a $500k rewards program on bug bounty platform ImmuneFi following the monumental $600M hack just last week.

OpenSea has seen a huge bump in revenue as the second NFT waves hits this year — $1.2B in transactions last month, currently at $800M this month. This basically means OpenSea is now doing more business in a day than they did in all of 2020 combined.

Audius, a blockchain-based streaming music service, has partnered with TikTok with a feature to allow artists to share their songs to TikTok for users to include in their videos — as mentioned above, AUDIO is +54%.

Lastly, SOL has seen a ramp up, +17% in 24h to $62.60, having touched $69 overnight.

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