POKKET: Crypto Market Update (Aug 12)

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Bitcoin is +0.3% to $46.0k, ETH is doing better +1.8% to $3230. Movers are TRU +64%, DENT +31%, DOCK +20%, MATIC +19%, HOT +17%, OCEAN +14%, CND +13%, WABI CELR +12%, SUSHI +11%, STMX +10%. DOGE is up +40% in a week as the rest of the crypto market remains quiet.

Lockbit hit Accenture with ransomware, and has started releasing stolen files after the victim said it had “contained the matter” and brushed off the hack.

SEC chair Gary Gensler has written a letter to Senator Warren about the need for more crypto regulations, saying “In my view, the legislative priority should center on crypto trading, lending, and [decentralized finance] platforms. Regulators would benefit from additional plenary authority to write rules for and attach guardrails to crypto trading and lending”. He also took stabs at stablecoins and other tokens which are basically securities.

Lastly, $342M of the $613M stolen was returned to PolyNetwork after the hacker seemed to be warming up to the idea of returning the funds.

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