POKKET: Crypto Market Update (April 29)

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Bitcoin price is flat at $55k while ETH continues to run up +2.5% to $2750. Movers are DLT +16%, MANA +15%, MATIC -13% in Pokket listed tokens.

In Germany, new legislation enabling managers of the most popular institutional investment funds, called Spezialfonds, will enact on July 1 allowing them to allocate 20% to crypto. Germany is also cracking down on Binance’s listing of stock tokens, such as TSLA.

Japanese game maker Nexon said it has bought $100M Bitcoin, the first publicly listed company to do so in Japan.

MetaMask now has 5M MAU, a blockbuster number achieved from NFT and DeFi activity; many are patiently waiting for a MM governance token.

Polygon has launched an $100M fund to support DeFi adoption, saying it’ll onboard “the next million users” to DeFi.

Finally, the Fed keeps rates near zero, and maintains its asset purchases; as a reminder, they are purchasing $120B in assets despite stocks at all time highs (ATH), bond capitalization near ATH and commodities rallying hard.

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